Atwood Analog

some pedals

In 2007 I started selling hand-made boutique guitar effects under the brand name “Atwood Analog.”

Boston Baked Bass

Some of my designs were completely original, while others were based off best-selling classic pedals which will remain name-less. Every pedal, however included custom designed circuit boards and hand-picked components for the highest quality sound.

Baphomet 9000

Atwood Analog is currently on hold simply because I don’t have enough time to devote to the business. When I finish my graduate education I plan to pick it back up. In the meantime I may do some small runs of custom pedal designs over the summer, or as I get blocks of free time.

Capitan Crunch

Most of the original artwork is by Ben Saluti of Greypixel.

Here are a couple more images from the website, Thanks to Kelly Ryan Photography for all the product shots!

A/B Pedal

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