I received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Eastern Connecticut State University in 2002.

I have one year left as a graduate student at Northeastern University in the Applied Mathematics program.  Some of my current work includes Probability and Operations Research.


I work at the Berklee College of Music as a “Systems Manager.” I coordinate IT projects for my department and do lots of database maintenance stuff.


I have too many.

I am a member of Willoughby and Baltic, a recently formed group of hackers/makers/artists in the Boston area.

I’ve made pages for some of the bigger projects that I’m working on, but in addition here are some things I am or have been interested in:

  • Electronics – microprocessors, analog audio circuits, motor control, etc…
  • Welding (just learning)
  • Milling and Lathing (also just learning)
  • Fixed-gear cycling
  • Rock climbing
  • Locksmithing
  • Robotics
  • Linux
  • Programming
  • Photography


Before I moved to Boston, I was a volunteer firefighter and EMT in Connecticut. I still maintain an EMT certification in CT and became certified in Massachusetts last year. There aren’t many opportunities to volunteer in a city, and I don’t have much time right now anyway, but my long term plan is to eventually return to the fire service.